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Beginning in the early 1980’s automobiles began being produced with an onboard diagnostics system (OBD), and are now being produced with a more advanced system known as an OBD II system. The purpose of both these systems is to monitor the running condition of the automobile, and if a problem arises, set what is known as a “trouble code”. These trouble codes are more commonly known as a CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, and can be activated by many different things. A special tool known as a “scanner” is used to read and display the codes to the automotive technician. The most common causes of a check engine light coming on are: vacuum leaks, gas cap not screwed on all the way, failure to change oil, a faulty electrical part, transmission issues, etc. A common misconception about a check engine light being on is that whatever code is present in the computer scanner, must be the actual cause of the problem activating the check engine light. This is NOT always true, because many of the codes present in the computer are activated by other causes and can simulate an inaccurate code, implying that a potential part may be bad when indeed it’s fully functional. Strictly replacing parts based on the codes, and not a proper diagnosis, can result in buying many new parts and still have the existing problem present. If a check engine light does come on, make sure to always watch your temperature and voltage gauges present in the dash and consult your automotive service garage.

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