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A vehicle’s steering and suspension systems serve two basic functions: to provide the driver with complete control of the vehicle and to ensure the driver with a comfortable ride going down the road. Although both systems are very important to a car, they are often neglected and not cared for properly, causing a series of problems for the vehicle’s owner. Items such as: shocks, tie rod ends, struts, and steering racks are usually the most common parts to wear out over the years, drastically altering the ride quality and performance you once knew your car to have. At Fort Smith Automotive Service, our expert technicians will road test your vehicle thoroughly and then will proceed to lift your car up in the air and inspect underneath your vehicle. By performing such a detailed inspection to the vehicle, our technicians are able to see and resolve any auto related issues your vehicle may have, restoring the quality performance your vehicle originally had. If your vehicle has started to ride rough or pull all over the road, your car may need to have its steering and suspension systems inspected by a technician to repair the issue.

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