As a vehicle becomes older in age, parts on the car eventually began to wear out. Although there is nothing wrong with the vehicle, normal “wear” can be expected and certain parts experience greater wear than others. Items such as: brake pads, air filters, cabin filters, hoses, belts, engine oil, tires, spark plugs, ignition wires, timing belts, tie rod ends, ball joints, front end parts, etc. all eventually wear out. In order to properly maintain a vehicle, it is important for the owner to have these items checked from time to time (oil changes are a good time to inspect). Preventive maintenance on certain items, such as a timing belt, can be a fraction of the cost to repair as opposed to replacing an entire engine due to a timing belt failure. Proper servicing of a vehicle: keeps repair cost down, extends the life of the car, and helps ensure maximum gas mileage. General maintenance is one of the most NEGLECTED areas of attention by the car’s owner, as a result many preventive automotive failures continue to happen and leave the customer stranded on the side of the road.

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