Automotive Electrical Repair

As vehicles are produced over time, the dependence and importance of a vehicle’s electrical system has drastically changed and have become more complex. Power from a vehicle’s battery needs to be distributed throughout the car to various locations, such as the: power window motors/locks, speedometer, radio, lights, ignition module, cooling fans, transmission, etc. A problem in a vehicle’s electrical system can have a variety of effects on the vehicle, resulting in a very minute problem or potentially a very drastic problem. Some of the most common problems associated with an electrical problem are: a dead battery, lights not working, check engine light on, battery will not charge, gauges not working, transmission not shifting, radio will not power on, no brake lights, car overheating, etc. Some types of electrical problems can even result in a fire, although newer automobiles have incorporated the use of fuses into their system and an electrical fire is usually something of the past.

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